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To work at the Pizza parlor, all you need to do is show up and play! but if you are an older pengiun, you might just have the pizza chef outfit, which you can play even better with! Also to work there you migh want to play the Pizzatron 3000. It is next to the casher, and a cool cheat is, that if you click the lever on the menu screen, you will play the candy version!

me personaly this is my awnser: you need to go to the gift shop and every month theres a new job in the catalog and one month there will be a pizza parlour outfit and you buy it and dont wear anything else and press d and you will be throwing pizza in the air!

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Q: How do you work at the pizza shop on club penguin?
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Can you work at the pizza parlor at club penguin?

yes go to the gift shop and walk to the gift shop and look through the catolog there should be the pizza parla hat and suit then go to the pizza parla{you have to be dressed in the pizza suit}and press dance it should flip a pizza

How do you do jobs on Club Penguin?

To do jobs on Club Penguin you need the apron. Like if you want to make pizza and work in the pizza parlor, you need the pizza apron. I am Ringling9 I am always on Walrus Watch out for me

What skills do you have to have to work in a Pet Shop in Club Penguin?

In Club Penguin, you don't have to have any skills! All you have to do is bring a puffle and/ or put something on your penguin to make you look like a Pet Shop employee and walk around in a Pet Shop that has lots of Club Penguin "babies" and give some of the babies food, water, and/or toys. (Most of them like icecream, milk in a bottle, pizza and elmos).

How old do you have to be to work at a pizza parlor?

It doesn't matter how old you are in Club Penguin.

Where is penguins at work on club penguin?

Penguins at Work should be in every month's Penguin Style catalog (at the Clothes Shop).

How do you do the teleport glitch on Club Penguin?

first, go to the plaza,second, get your penguin to walk to the forest,third, while your penguin is walking to the pathway of the forest, keep your cursor on the pizza shop door,fourth, when it loads, click where the pizza shop door was,your penguin will not be in the normal place where you would normally be when your penguin goes to the forest, but to the right of the room!THIS IS MY FAULT IF THIS DOSENT WORK BECAUSE IT'S MY GLITCH!SO PLEASE BLAME ME. NOT THE STAFF ETC.

Where is the life guard whistle on club penguin 2012?

It is located in the gift shop catalog in the penguin's at work section.

How do you play the music for the yellow puffle on club penguin in mission clock repairs?

Get music sheet pizza shop then go to the piano by the stage and play the coulered notes......................BUT I TRIED THAT AND IT DIDN'T WORK

How do you get the pizza apron club penguin?

Club Penguin's Gift Shop catalog changes every month. Each catalog, there will be a Penguins at Work thing. You will need to wait until it changes. I remember that it has been the Pizza Apron more than once so hopefully, it will come back.

How do you get the third penguin in Club Penguin?

If you know how to work this website you're to old for a club penguin.

Where is the secret entrance in the sport shop on club penguin?

it is the closest dressing room to the door.(it doesn't work if your not a secret agent)

How do you get a pizza apron on Club Penguin?

well all you do is go to the gift shop in town and then there is a page with penguins at work on it and every month there is a new job set well cothes for job well u know what i mean just do that then u have a apron