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2 win the slots you have to get 3 of the same pictures in a row. (they have to be horizontal)

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Q: How do you win the slots in FireRed?
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How do win at the slots in celadon?

The slots in Celadon City are random. In order to win, one must play the slots over and over again until they get lucky.

How do you get easy coins in Pokemon FireRed?

If your not good at slots you can purchase coins instead.

How do you win the lottery in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant

What do you need to win at the slots?

i dont know what you need to win why are you asking this question you should rethink your life

What is the best machine for gambling in Pokemon FireRed?

It doesn't matter usually i choose the one closest to the door (by the way in firered and leafgreen the slots are so easy to land on 7's) if your that unlucky buy coins.

How do you flex your muscles and win big prizes?

Go to the lottery corner and try to win at the slots. Sooner or later, you'll win a big prize.

How do you unlock the cerculan city cave in Pokemon firered?

You have to win the champion

How do you win at computer slots?

Luck. They have a 94-97% return generally, so they get you by attrition.

Hints for Pokemon FireRed?

go with ice, water, psycic, and dark. you will win.

Where in Las Vegas can one play free slots?

If you search for free slots in Las Vegas you will have to check out the hotels that offer free slots. When you go into the Casino ask if they offer any free slots. What is common these days is Slots tournaments which is effectively free play slots with usually a prize(s) for the players who win the most free money during a timed session. Usually 15-30 minutes.

How do you win gaia slots?

You can't it's completely based on chance and it sometimes cheats when your about to win big. You can't it's completely based on chance and it sometimes cheats when your about to win big.

How do you get dritine?

To get a Dratini on Emerald, you must have a copy of either PKMN FireRed or LeafGreen and a gamelink cable. Purchase a Dratini from the slots in FR/LG and trade it over to Emerald.