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go to the front entrance and press the video button until you see the door that says bathroom. When you wash your cat, touch the shampoo bottle and shake it on your cat then pet your cat and suds will appear. Stop when the dirty meter on the top screen reaches to zero. Then take the shower head and wash the suds off. That's all and i think you get a new toy or something after you washed your pet for the first time.

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Q: How do you wash your cats on petz catz clan?
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How do you get shampoos in PETZ Catz Clan?

Well,You must wash your cats a certain amount of washes. It will say: You received a new sample of shampoo. Try it out! The first time it will say that you got good shampoo. Then, I don't know what else.

On Petz Dogz 5 Catz 5 how do you get youer petz back to there normal coler?

Give them a bath (wash, scrub and dry) after you dry them they should have there normal color back =) No a better way is to: When you click on the suitcase click on the picture of the dog (next to your dogs name) and, next to spray/neuter click restore original colours! Or you can do it the way that person said but you dont need to give them a bath just put the towel over them ! :D

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