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you go to the to the top where the arrow at and click it then click the door and go to the store to by some bath stuff then go back home and wash the dog up a.k.a polo girl

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Q: How do you clean your pet on petz nursery for Nintendo DS game?
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How do you delete a game in petz puppyz and kittenz?

How do you delete a game in petz puppyz and kittennz game for nintendo ds

How do you transfer pets from petz nursery to petz talent show?

i don't know but i have petz dogz talent show and petz nursery :( so i need answer bye

Is there a pet lion in petz nursery 2 the ds game?

yes there is its cool

In petz nursery how do you change their diapers?

petz do not wear diapers

How do you enter your petz nursery online?


Can you connected petz catz playground to petz nursery 2?

yes i think so

What is the best petz game for Nintendo ds?

I would recommend nintendogs because it is the most realistic pet game that there is and you can chose from all different breeds of dogs and others...the problem with dogz and horsez and hamsterz and catz and etc. is that they are geared more toward younger children and aren't as realistic.

How do you take your pet to the bathroom on petz nursery?

how to take your pet to the bathroom on petz nursery

How are pets codes unlocked for petz nursery 2?

You need to start the game, then to unlock a code you raise a pet then go to the bottom bar click on the wireless button then a button that has a computer to view the petz codes petZ don't forget petZ not petS!

Is there a animal breeding game for the Nintendo ds?

Yes there is.. Petz hamsterz, petz dogz pack. Petz catz pack, and so much more... Just google it. But the petz packs you can breed the animals Hope this has helped

Can Petz Catz Playground connect to petz Nursery 2?

I'm not sure if you can. The cats breeds found on that game aren't the same as on Catz Playground, but there isn't a new Catz game that I know of so possibly.

Can you have babies on petz nursery 2?

You cant