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Hold down O then hit ▲

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Q: How do you use way of the hunter on avatar psp?
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What is best game for psp?

Monster hunter freedom 2 the way!

What are the dinosaur games in playstation portable or psp?

There is PSP Mini dinosaur game, Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter

Is there a cheat to get the hunter in gta lcs psp?

No, the only way you can get a hunter is edson carters cheat device from

Can a Japanese monster hunter connect with an American monster hunter?

its really difficult, try using a laboko tutorial, or if that doesnt work (didnt on my psp phat) then use sgdeemer110. this can convert one of your monster hunter files from US to JAP or the other way round. as far as i kno it is not possible to directly connect

I want to play psp games on my MacBook Pro Is there a way to hook up a psp so that I can use my MacBook as a screen?


What is the best way to hack a PSP 3000 v5.03?

use chickHEN.

Which is better avatar or Invictus?

avatar is way better

How do you use facebook on psp-E1004?

Since the PSP-E1000 series has no wi-fi capabilities, it has no browser nor any way to view websites.

Is the PSP 3000 better then the PSP vita?

psp 3000 way better

Which is better PSP go or a PSP 3000?

for sure the psp 3000. it is way better.

How you play a PSP game in PC?

Connect your PSP to the computer with a USB cable and watch the game on the computer screen while you play it on the PSP, there is a way that you can use a kind of accessory called "PSP to PC converter" to hook your PSP to PC monitor. You can google it and find the online shops who sell it.

What is psp custom firmware?

Custom firmware allows you to do things on your psp that you wouldn't normally do. Like playing gameboy games on your psp. Made by psp hackers its your choice whether you trust them or not. If you do the best way to get it is to use a Pandora battery only available at It only works with psp 1000 and 2000