Can a PSP be hacked

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. However, if you dont know what you are doing, you WILL BREAK your psp, with no way to fix it. Be careful.

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Q: Can a PSP be hacked
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How do you know if your PSP is hacked?

It is not possible for your PSP to get hacked. There is no need to worry about your PSP getting hacked by anyone.

Will a hacked psp stay hacked with a new battery?


Where to put the PSP chrome in PSP?

you cant i don't think not ever on hacked psp

What happens if you hacked your psp?

Well, you get to play downloaded games, themes, videos etc. BUT if you update your psp when its hacked, it gets unhacked and you cant play hacked games anymore.

Can you use a hacked psp with out magic memory stick?

once it is hacked, yes you can

Is there Pokemon on PSP?

No. Pokemon is for Nintendo products. Not Sony. If you saw it on a psp, the psp was hacked with an emulator.

Has the psp 3000 been hacked yet?


Can the psp e1004 be hacked?

i think so

What does it mean when your psp is all slow?

It means someone has either hacked into your PSP or it has a problem.

Can psp 3004 play games on ctv with an AV cable?

no but u can if ur psp is hacked.

Is it possible to put games on a psp that is not hacked?

I don't think it is

Which is the the safest to do hacked your psp version 6.60 or downgrade it to 6.20?