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Different turrets have different controls. Most player-controlled ones use a special tool. You then usually click somewhere to aim then press F to fire.

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Q: How do you use the turret on Roblox?
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How do you get teapot turret on roblox?

you cant get it

How do you make a turret on roblox?

Depending on what kind of turret you want, you can get one from the free models or build one yourself. Building a turret yourself requires and extensive knowledge of scripting. You can find some good scripting tutorials by searching for "Roblox Scripting Lessons" on Google.

How do you control a turet on roblex?

You mean ROBLOX? Anyway, you need to get a Turret tool.

What sentence use the word turret?

A turret is a tower. The guards gathered at the top of the turret.

How do you use the word turret in a sentence?

An example of turret in a sentence would be, 'The castle had a turret in the front of it.' Another example would be, 'Let's price what it would cost to add a turret to my house.'

What is in the mega vip c set in roblox base war?

two pistils ,turret,flame thrower, blue knife,and a gun that is a lancher and at the same time a autogun

Can you use GUI's in personal servers on roblox?

No, you have to use roblox studio for that.

How you build on roblox?

Use the Roblox Studio.

What military vehicles use a turret to attack enemy forces?

A turret is a weapon mount that protects the crew or mechanism of a projectile-firing weapon.Some military vehicles that use a turret to attack enemy forces are wheeled combat vehicles, naval ships, and command vehicles.

What account do all admin use on ROBLOX?


What is the best turret in edgeworld?

hi i am the guy who asked this question. its between turrets which costs incendiary cores to upgrade. it is basicly which is the best between incendiary turret, anti-tank turret, corrosive turret, sniper turret and heavyweight turret.

How do you use your sets on the updated roblox?

Roblox studio then roblox site will tell u rest