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It is used during the quest "Rocking out".

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Q: How do you use the rimmington locker in RuneScape?
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Where are the onion patches on RuneScape?

There are multiple onion patches in RuneScape, but the most popular locations to get onion are at the Rimmington Onion Patch (just north of Rimmington, next to road), and in Fred the Farmer's house in Lumbridge. It's also possible to obtain onions from the Grand Exchange though, and is usually easier to get from the Grand Exchange instead of walking to one of the onion patches in RuneScape, as the patches are not located close to any bank.

Where can you find imps on runescape?

Imps are found all over runescape. There are some by the sheep farm in lumbridge, a bunch by the Karamja volcano, there are some by and in falador, few by Rimmington, I believe there's one near the Ice Mountain, etc. Like I said, they're every where.

Where can you get a ring mold in the new version of runescape?

Check the Grand Exchange in northwest Varrock, you can find most items there. Also you can buy a ring mould in Rimmington, which is south of Falador and West of Port Sarim.

How do you light a oil lantern in runescape?

You use a tinderbox with it You take some Swamp Tar to the Chemist in Rimmington. Click and use the Swamp Tar on the lamp oil still (the small one, not the big one outside his house) and dip the lantern in to collect the lamp oil you had just made. Then finish the job by lighting the oil with a tinderbox.

How do you get a house on RuneScape?

First, you must become a member, and speak to a construction guide (located in varrock and some other places). Buy a "house" then choose the style. Head to the rimmington house portal then go to " enter house - building mode".

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Where is the chemist in Rimmington on runescape?

He is located in the western part of Rimmington, by the shore.

Where is hetty in RuneScape?

rimmington terd

How many oak trees are in rimmington on runescape?

There are 3-5 oak trees in rimmington

Where are onions found in runescape?

In the onion field outside Rimmington.

Where are crafting stores on RuneScape?

There's one in Al Kharid and in Rimmington.

Where can you find animals close to Rimmington in Runescape?

in runescape theres a big hill where theres a trapdoor right with rimmington go in it ull see low lvls at first then as u go ahead the levels will advance

How do you make oil on runescape?

You don't make it you just go to the chemist's near Rimmington.

Is there a crafts mans guild on runescape?

It's south-west of Falador and north of Rimmington.

Where on runescape can you find the Easter bunny 2010?

same place there always near rimmington jsut north of it

Where do you get oil for a bullseye lantern RuneScape?

You need to get Swamp Tar and take it to the chemist in Rimmington where he can turn it into oil.

Where do you plant cavada seeds in runescape?

You seek a Bush Plantation, Here's (2) locations: * West of Champions' Guild. * Rimmington.

Where do you find Rat tail in rune scape?

Start the Witch's Potion quest in Rimmington. Kill a rat in Rimmington. There should be a tail.