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First, you must become a member, and speak to a construction guide (located in varrock and some other places). Buy a "house" then choose the style. Head to the rimmington house portal then go to " enter house - building mode".

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Q: How do you get a house on RuneScape?
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Can you sell your house on RuneScape?

no you can not sell your house on runescape.

Can you sell your RuneScape house?

No, Your RuneScape House is based on your Construction Level.

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How do you buy a house on runescape?

Go to the place with the house icon in varrock.

Where are demons in RuneScape?

in the volcano at michaels house

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How do you get into Nulodion's house on Runescape?

open the door

Do you have to be members to buy a house in RuneScape?


How do you train the construction skill on RuneScape?

you build on your house

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Do you need a membership to buy a house on runescape?


Should i play runescape even though the FBI came to my house because of it?

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