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The R4i will work in all DSis with the 1.0-1.3 firmware. It will NOT work it your DSi has been updated to the 1.4 firmware.

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Q: How do you use the r4i in Nintendo DSi?
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Does the m3i zero or a r4i work on a Nintendo DSi v1.3A?

Both M3i Zero and R4i card can work on Nintendo DSi V1.4.3 console.

Do you need a Nintendo DSi to use an R4i NDS?

Na, You Just Need A Ds, A Ds Lite Or a DSI

Does r4i gold work on eu dsi's?

Nintendo DS/DSL/DSi are region free. Thus it does not matter where the hardware is from, it will play all games including all R4i cards. The latest r4i gold card from is r4i gold 3ds card. It support Nintendo 3DS,DSi and DS console. with all versions, including EU DSi. R4i Gold from support all DSi version. Such as: DSi V1.4.3, DSi V1.4.2, DSi V1.4.1 and DSi V1.4. It also support Nintendo 3DS, DS and DS lite. Good card.

Is the R4i compatible with the Nintendo DSi XL?

Yes, since the DSi and DSi XL are the same, software-wise.

Does r4i sdhc work on dsi v1.4u?

Of course, the r4i sdhc card can work on Nintendo DSi V1.4.2, DSi V1.4.1, DSI V1.4, DSi XL, DSILL, DS and ds lite. DSi V1.4u is also compatible.

Can the new Nintendo DSi Hold R4 chips?

you need a R4i card

Can an r4i work in a Nintendo DSi XL made in Canada or US?


Can r4i gold work on action replay dsi?

Of course, r4i gold card from can work on Nintendo 3DS, DSi V1.4.3, DSi V1.4.2, DSi V1.4.1, DSiLL, DSiXL, DS and DS lite.

What versions are for r4i card for 1.4.1 dsi?

The best solution would be the R4i gold edition. To get it working you need to download the 1.41 kernel from then update with a NDSL or NDS then it should work just like old ones on your dsi. Nintendo updated DSi V1.4.2 version on May 2011. most flashcard were halt. Now the r4i gold V1.4.2 from and r4i sdhc v1.4.2 from can support Nintendo DSi V1.4.2 version.

Why does your R4i card no longer work on DSi?

If you updated the DSi, the new update may prevent you to use the R4i

What Is Better R4I Gold or R4i 3DS?

it depends, if you want to play DS/DSi games on your 3DS than R4i 3DS is your only choice but if you want to play DS/DSi games on your DSi then the R4i Gold. Both of them are vrey popular in Nintendo players. It is hard to say which is better, just as you like.

What is r4i?

A r4i is a flashcart for the Nintendo DS/DSi. Which means, you are able to play movies or Homebrew DS games. To do so, you need a Micro SD Card. R4i card is the upgrade version of r4 card. It support Nintendo DSi and before version. you can enjoy games and medias (such as music, movie, e-book) with a r4i card.