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First, you go to Google and type in: pokesav location

Click on the first link.

Pick one of the locations.

Type in the code in on Pokesav.


Start up your game.

You maybe have to open your bag once, because the screen is black or glitched.

NEVER warp out of Amity Square and the Battle Tower (when you picked rest after a battle)! This may cause that you have an invisible friend with you.

This works for Diamond and Pearl.

For Platinum, enter in Google: pokesav location platinum and search for location codes.

Do the same as for Diamond and Pearl.

WATCH OUT! The invisible friend sounds fun, but i got it and i don't get it away. In battle, it's Mira. Your friend causes that you can't use your bike, fly, escape rope, surf, rock climb, dig or going in Amity Square! (There are possible more things!) You still can use the Bike in the route between Eterna and Oreburgh, and you still can enter the Battle Tower, and choose partners.

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Q: How do you use the XYZ map location coordinates on Pokesav?
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