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all you really have to do is go up to an invisible Pokemon (keckleon, kekleon? forgot the spelling of it) and once your in front of it, press "A". The Pokemon will appear and either battle you or flee.

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Q: How do you use the Devon scope in Pokemon emerald?
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Where can you find a Keceleon in Pokemon Emerald?

You can capture one in the wild west of Lilycove City. It is rare. Or, if you have a Devon Scope, you might get blocked by something invisible. Use the Devon Scope, and it should be a Kecleon. There are a few around Fortree City.

How do you get past the unseen force in fortree city in Pokemon emerald?

Go to the next route and there is a bridge with Steven on and he asks if you want to fight. Say yes and fight Kecleon and he gives you a Devon scope, go to the gym and use the Devon scope, a Kecleon runs away, and you can fight the gym

In Pokemon ruby what is the thing blocking the sixth gym?

its a keckleon. go to the bridge after fortree (the 6th gym place) and steven will give you a Devon scope. then go back and use the Devon scope on the invisible wall.

What is that invisible object near a bush in Pokemon ruby?

Kecleon. If you have a Devon Scope, talk to the 'invisible thing' and you can use it.

How do you get in to fortree gym in Pokemon Sapphire?

You have to find Steven and he'll give you Devon Scope and you use that on the invisible object.

How do you open the 5th gym in Pokemon sapphire?

you have to find steven get a Devon scope and use it on the invisible keckleon in front of the gym

Why wont it let ME use my machine to go past the invisible object on emerald Pokemon at fortree city?

u don't go to the bag to use it. You press the a button,then the game ask u to use the Devon scope say yes then the object becomes visible. to get the scope: talk to Steven on the bridge on route 20.catch or defeat kecleon then he gives it to you.

How do you get the wailmer to stop blocking route 224 in Pokemon sapphire?

im sure you should use devon scope and if not i dont know and where is that route?!

Where is the 6th gym badge for Pokemon sapphire?

Make your way to lilycove. Use the map and devon scope. It should be south then east.

Where is the sixth gym on Pokemon Emerald Version I hate people who do that and ur 1 of them?

There is no sixth gym in Pokemon emerald! It's like only five gyms! I'm not one of those people who love Pokemon!I don't like it! in lilycove city but to get in you need to go a little bit past it and talk to steven he shows you how to use a Devon scope then go back to lillycove city and go to the invisible Pokemon and it moves the kekleon out of the way and that is were and how to get into the 6th gym i mean fortreecity sorry!

How do you beat the sixth gym in emerald?

The sixth gym is flying type so get an electric type and train it to a high level then go against the gym leader and keep battling her until you beat her. If you can't get to the gym go past that town and keep going along the route to Lilycove and you will see Steven. Talk to him and he will give you a Devon scope. Use the Devon scope at the place where it won't let you pass then a Pokemon will run away into the trees. Then the path to the gym is clear.

How do you get past the thin bars on Pokemon emerald?

That 'invisible thing' is a Kecleon. You need to obtain a Devon (Hoenn equivalent of Silph) Scope, from Stephen. Go out past Fortree City and go to the bridge. I'm fairly sure you will find Stephen there.