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Tails is an NPC(non playable charater) unless you play two player mode.

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Q: How do you use player two in sonic the hedgehog 2?
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Did Sonic the Hedgehog use to be a rabbit?

No, he was always a hedgehog and always will be.

Can you play as super sonic in sonic the hedgeog?

no you cannot be super sonic in sonic the hedgehog. he was not made yet.

How do you use sonic's gems on Sonic the Hedgehog next-gen?

beat all stories

Can you use knuckles in multiplayer on Sonic the Hedgehog xbox 360?

Sadly, no. you can only use Sonic, Shadow, and Silver.

How do you use Sonic in a sentence?

I play Sonic the Hedgehog on my video game console.

How can you play Sonic the Hedgehog at school?

My friend always sneaks his I-Pod with Sonic the Hedgehog downloaded on it and pretends to use the restroom when he is really playing the game. Works every time.

Can the Sol Emeralds make Sonic the Hedgehog transform into Super Sonic?

No, only Blaze can use the Sol Emeralds.

How do you beat mephiles with shadow in Sonic the Hedgehog?

use memory shard blue

Can Sonic use Chaos Blast?

No, only Shadow the Hedgehog knows how to use Chaos Blast.

How do you get chaos emeralds in sonic generations for Xbox360 or PS3?

You can get chaos emeralds by defeating bosses. There are rival bosses and there are the actual bosses.Here is a list of the rivals and the bosses and which sonic you use. Rival Metal Sonic- Classic Sonic Shadow the Hedgehog- Modern Sonic Silver the Hedgehog- Modern Sonic Boss Egg Death Robot- Classic Sonic Perfect Chaos- Modern Sonic Egg Dragoon- Modern Sonic I know that you verse Silver the Hedgehog in Crisis City from Sonic '06 and the Egg Dragoon Eggmanland from Sonic Unleashed.

Can Super Sonic use Chaos Blast?

No, as only Shadow the Hedgehog knows how to use Chaos Blast.

How do you use knesis in Sonic the Hedgehog?

If I remember correctly: R1 on PS3 Right Trigger on 360