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Nugget can't be used in fact its almost useless though bring it to a pokemart and sell it you will get 5,000 bucks!

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Q: How do you use nugget in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you get to nugget bridge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The nugget bridge is a bridge in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen where you can earn a gold nugget. To get there go to route 24.

How can you duplicate nuggets in Pokemon FireRed?

you need to have access to go to fourth island have a ditto and put it on it and have another Pokemon and the egg will hatch and the Pokemon will be holding the nugget

Where is bill in Pokemon FireRed when he is sick?

across nugget bridge, you turn right and follow the path until you find his house

Were is the nugget brige in Pokemon FireRed?

go north from cerulean ( the water pookemon gym city) and there will be a bridge with five trainers oon it. beat them all and at the end u will be given a nugget

How do you used nugget in Pokemon Blue?

you can't use a nugget. A nugget has a value of 5000 and they can only be sold. A nugget is like "a piece of gold"

When do you use the eon ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant eon ticket has absolutely no use in pokemon firered.

How do you use Pokemon FireRed version one codes on Pokemon FireRed version two?

use that gameshark user.

How do you use gameshark codes in Pokemon shiny gold?

Hey I Used Pokemon Firered Codes just use Pokemon firered gameshark codes

How do you trade Pokemon from FireRed to FireRed with out a cord?

Use wireless adapters.

Pokemon FireRed can you really get mew in Pokemon FireRed? have to have gone to the event.personally,i use cheat codes

How can you move a sleeping pokemon in Pokemon Firered?

Use the pokeflute.

Were to use the go-goggles in Pokemon FireRed in Pokemon FireRed?

after you beat the fire gym then walk out and your rival will give it to you.