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Go to the menu section.Then select Pokemon.Make sure you have a pokemon in your team then select that pokemon.Select Fly and choose any city you want.Hope that this helped!

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Q: How do you use fly on Pokemon white?
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How do you use fly in Pokemon White?

Teach it to a Pokemon, enter the Pokemon screen, chose the Pokemon that knows fly and select where you want to fly to.

When do you get to use HM Fly in Pokemon white?

You can use the move as soon as you get it. You can fly to different towns with a certain badge.

Can a cubchoo fly in Pokemon White?


How do you fly in Pokemon white?

Teach a Pokemon Fly, select Fly from the party screen, and select your destination. You get Fly after you defeat Bianca in Driftveil City.

Pokemon SoulSilver how to use fly?

To use fly , its at the left of where you go into Pokemon,then click the Pokemon that kknows it,and its in blue letters

Where do you use fly in Pokemon Crystal?

You can use fly anytime you are outside.

How do you use fly to get to another city in Pokemon HeartGold?

Teach a Pokemon Fly after obtaining the HM and choose fly when you select the Pokemon.

Can archen learn fly in Pokemon white?

No but evolve it and it can

How do you use fly outside of battle in Pokemon diamond?

go to the in game menu and go to Pokemon click on the Pokemon with fly and chose fly

What Pokemon can use the move fly?

flying Pokemon

How do you get the move fly on Pokemon White?

Bianca will give you the Fly HM in Pokémon White while you're in Driftveil City.

Which Pokemon can use fly?

what Pokemon can use fly, lets find outcharizard,all birds(allmost),dragonite,silver snorelax(shiny Pokemon)