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You put them in this folder (if Valve is in drive C): C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\steamapps\<username>\condition zero\czero\maps <username> = your steam username Then u can start a server with that map.

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Q: How do you use downloaded maps in counter strike condition zero?
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Is Battlefield 2 better than counter strike?

Battlefield 2: You can command squads request artillary, request vehicle drop, request supplies, and other tings. You can also choose various kits, drive or pilot various things from ATV to tank to helicopter to a jet. You can also aim down an iron sight or red-dot scope, with the ability to also go prone. Counter Strike: Less weapon choices, can open doors (which I find it to be a major flaw in Battlefield 2), more map choices, and if you have the right programs, you can also make your own maps from assault to cs to aim. If you like head-on warfare, Battlefield is best for you. If you enjoy strategy and teamwork, you will love Counter-Strike. ---- It is up to you. If you think battlefield is better that is better for you.

Do downloadable minecraft maps give viruses?

I cannot speak about all the maps, because I have not downloaded them all but you can't tell if it does if your only criteria is "a minecraft map." however, actual, normal minecraft maps do not contain any viruses. If you want, you can scan it for viruses with some software

How do you connect Zombie mod counter strike 1.6?

You can go multi player and look up zombie mod servers all of them have the zm_(mapname) maps so you can search by zombie in server name or zm_ in server map. Unless you have your own server that you run you cannot play zombie mod with bots.

What is dead lox username for Minecraft?

Dead Lox user name on Minecraft is Deadlock. Deadlock adventure maps can be downloaded from the free down load Minecraft website. The site also has links to other adventure maps for Minecraft.

What maps are found in first strike cod black ops?

"Discovery," "Kowloon," "Berlin Wall" and "Stadium" &amp; zombie map, "Ascension,"

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How can you download a map of counter strike condition zero?

You can download Counter-Strike Condition Zero (custom) maps from Just find a desired map, find the download option, and you should have the downloaded map in no time!

Can Counter Strike 1.6 Custom maps be transfered to Counter Strike Condition Zero?


How do you use downloaded maps in counter strike source?

just use the cs 1.6 map.... its working

Where can you download free Counter Strike Condition Zero maps?

See related link

How do you download a map of counter strike?

Automatically, you download a map from a server playing that map. Otherwise, you can download maps from FPSBanana (link below). Note: Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero maps work interchangeably.

What is the file for downloading in it the maps of counter strike?

Counter-Strike maps are "bsp" files. When a server allows you to download them, you receive a "bsp.ztmp" file.

Where you have to copy counter strike 1.6 PC maps?

Into Counter strike folder so like C: ProgramFiles Steam Counter Strike CounterStrike1.6 some where in there should be maps folder stick it in there unziped

How do you cheat some maps from counter strike source?


What is the best Counter-Strike Condition Zero map?

I say it is de_dust_cz. Because it doesn't really have glitches and it is 1 of the most original maps of CZ.

Can the counter strike source connect to counter strike 1.5?

Sadly no, since the server technologies are separate entitys, Counter-Strike: Source can not connect to any other game, and any maps, mods, or servers from 1.5 or 1.6 cannot be used in Counter-Strike: Source.nope it cant

You have tf2 and you want Gmod do you need cs?

No, you do not need counter-strike to play gmod. I don't even have counter strike but i do have gmod. A word of warning though, a lot of the materials and weapons in counter strike are used in garrysmod. Mostly in mods, and maps. It is recommended to have it.

There some difference in counter strike and counter strike 1.6?

Counter-Strike is a vague term which blanket references all the games in the Counter-Strike line-up: Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Counter-Strike Source. When people refer to Counter-Strike, they most likely mean Counter-Strike 1.6, the most up-to-date version of the original Half-Life mod, but they could be referring to any of them. All of the games also have several popular nicknames or abbreviations amongst their players: CS, 1.6, or Counter-Strike for Counter-Strike 1.6; CSS, CS:S, or Source for Counter-Strike Source; CZ, CS:CZ, or Condition Zero for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. If you are refering to the difference between Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source the differences are this: Counter-Strike source being a newly made game has improved graphics, textures, physics and game play. The recoil dynamics and "Feel" of the game is much different from 1.6. In source maps have much more detail and high-res textures than in 1.6. Also, in Source a lot of the exploits of 1.6 were changed such as Crouch Hopping (Tapping your crouch button once, and then hitting it again and holding it would make your character "dip" down into a crouch position making the hit boxes of your character scramble, making a well placed head shot register as a well placed arm shot) Also, the radar has been changed. In 1.6 it was a small green circle on your screen showing dots for your allys and no one else. In Source the Radar is a large box that shows detail of the map, and it will show enemies if they fire a unsuppressed weapon.