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You can't. The Classic Controller is not compatible with World at War.

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2012-08-25 07:40:01
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Q: How do you use classic controller for world at war wii?
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Does the wii classic controller work with Call of Duty World at War?

I also want to know this, i hope it can be played with the classic controller! Yes, if you have the normal controller (which you should have) you can use it. You just plug the classic controller into the normal controller and you should be able to use it.

Does GameCube controller work with world at war 3?

No get a classic controller

Will the Wii version of Call of Duty World at War support the use of a classic or gamecube controller?

wii classic does not work wii classic does not work

Does the Wii classic controller pro work with Call of Duty World at War?

No, I bought the classic controller to play COD Black OPS and it was brilliant. Then went back to play COD World at War and NOPE, will only allow nun chuck or Wii Gun. Sux big time, coz the Classic controller on COD was supremo!!

Do you need the gun to play Call of Duty World at War?

no you dont, you use the controller

Does Call of Duty World at War use the classic control for the wii?

no, I've tried it and it does not work.

Do you need a special controller for World at war for the Wii?


Can you play transformers war for cybertron on a Wii with a classic Wii controller?

i dont really know, but i think you could.

What is the best controler for computer war games?

For strategic war games, the best controller is still a mouse and keyboard. For first person shooter war games, the Microsoft Xbox controller with the PC interface available at most major electronics retailers is the most durable and comfortable choice. Millions of people already use the controller for console games, so it makes sense to use the same controller for computer war games as well.

Who is the nanobreaker?

the_nanobreaker is the Creator, Controller and Destroyer of Nanotechnology (nanotech) world. The secret will release on World War III.

Why did World War 2 become a world war?

It was a classic domino effect; each country sided with another, or attacked another (Pearl Harbor).

Does Call of Duty classic have zombies?

no man only world at war and black ops

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