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i dont really know, but i think you could.

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Q: Can you play transformers war for cybertron on a Wii with a classic Wii controller?
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Can you play 2 player on transformers war for cybertron?


Is there a multiplayer transformers game?

Yes, The Transformers Revenge of The Fallen video game is multiplayer. However, you have to play online for the multiplayer option to happen.

Does transformers war of cybertron have swearing?

No Transformers war for cybertron does not have swearing in it. That is why it is rated PG if it was rated M or over then yes it might have swearing. Swearing would not suitable for the youngsters that play this game.

How do you get to cybertron on autobots transformers ds?

U gotta play multiplayer Death match

Do you need xbox live for Transformers War for Cybertron?

If you want to play it on xbox LIVE then yes, but for campaign mode, no

Do you need a controller to play 007 GoldenEye?

If you are referring to the Classic controller, than no. You can use almost any controller scheme to play this game, from the wiimote and nunchuck to the wii zapper, classic controller pro and much more.

Is transformers war for cybertron transformers cybertron adventures the same?

no there not. First of all war for Cybertron is for xbox360, ps3, and PC. it has 3 player co-op, nice weapon selection, better graphics, and even the option to customise your own transformer and play online. Cybertron adventures on the other hand you can't customise, you can't play online, theirs no co-op, the only thing that looks good are the character's, and its for wii so Nintendo basically ruined war for Cybertron. Hope it helped!! :) They aren't exactly the same but the story is based off the same aspect of a battle on cybertron.

Can you play Okami with the classic wii controller?

Yes You can

Is it possible to play Mario sunshine with the classic controller?


What controller do you need to play super Mario 64 wii?

You need a gamecube controller, classic controller, or a N64 controller with an adapter.

Can you play MW3 with the classic controller on the wii?

Yes, the Classic Controller Pro is compatible with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Wii.

Can you play NBA 2k12 for Wii with a classic controller?

Yes you can.