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you go to system then cheats

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Q: How do you use cheat codes on project 64?
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Some cheat codes for super mario64?

Just use gameshark. It's a place where you you can find LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of cheat codes for super Mario 64.

What are some games with cheat codes?

If you download Project 64 (Nintendo 64 emulator for computer) most of the games for it have cheat codes built in them. But some of the codes are not so you would need to search the internet for some. If you are playing the Nintendo DS, you can buy the acekard which has cheats built in for most DS games, or you can buy the action replay which is kind of the same thing.

With which n64 emulator can you enter GameShark codes?

Project 64

Where do you put the codes for super Mario 64 DS?

There is no built-in way to add cheat codes for Super Mario 64 DS, but you can buy an Action Replay DS Hacking Device for $20 and add cheat codes for almost any DS game. I added a link to the Action Replay website as well as some codes you can use for it once you get it.

What site has Project 64 codes for Super Mario 64?

you can become hulk and stuff just go to and type in project 64 cheats for Mario 64 or any other game.

Can you make your own Super Mario 64 N64 cheat codes?


Super mario 64 ds cheat codes?

it have a cheat but it is different the cheats are speed your car ,always first, thats all

How do you activate codes in Super Mario 64?

you go to system then cheats

For Battletanx for Nintendo 64 where do you input cheat codes?

For all BattleTanx's games (even on PS1) where it said input code.

Can you play as toad in Super Mario 64 DS?

No but you can use a cheat

Is there any style savvy cheats?

these are the only action replay cheat codes i know. they work

What are the cheat codes for Nintendo 64 games?

There are several games that include cheats some examples are: Donkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie and plenty more.