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ya craft an anvil the put the tool in the left slot and the book in the right (or maybe the other way around) then it should enchant.

anvil crafting:

X= iron blocks

H=iron ingots

HMm i showed how to make it but it didnt turn out right so you put 3 iron blocks across the top row the iron ingots in the very middle and across the bottom.

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Q: How do you use a enchanted book on minecraft?
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How do you use an enchanted book on minecraft?

You use an Anvil and put your tool in the left slot and put your Enchanted Book in the middle slot and as long as you are the level it requires then you should be done. (Note) this answer was submitted 1/12/2013

How do you enchant your bow with flame in minecraft?

Enchanted Book or Encantment Table.

How do you make an enchanted arrow in Minecraft?

Enchanted arrows are only able to be obtained via the enchantable arrows mod.

How can one easily kill a Wither on Minecraft?

You need to get an enchanted diamond sword and enchanted diamond armor and deal with it. :P

How do you get anvils to work on Minecraft?

You need to have downloaded Minecraft, of course. To use the anvil, you right-click the anvil, and it brings up a box, + sign, another box, right arrow, and a third box. There are many things you can put in an anvil. Usually, I put a weapon and an enchanted book. Example: DIAMOND SWORD + ENCHANTED BOOK (Power V) --> DIAMOND SWORD (Power V) Also, you can repair things on an anvil. I am not sure how to do that, so I would love that someone (please be understandable) would post how.

What can be enchanted in Minecraft?

There are four different methods for enchanting in Minecraft. These four methods include via an enchantment table, combining duplicate items with different existing enchantments, combining an enchanted book with an item, and via a priest villager.

How do you make a lightning rod in minecraft?

1. Get a stick or a blaze rod 2.get a anvil 3. get an enchanted book called fire 11 4.put the rod first then put the book in the second box

What is the number for golden apple in minecraft?

322 for regular and 322:1 for enchanted

How many AR points is the book enchanted?

If you're talking about Enchanted by Alethea Kontis, then it is 12 points.

What do you do with enchanted books in minecraft?

Enchanted books can be used to give any item or block an enchantment OF YOUR CHOICE. However, the book must be enchanted using an enchantment table first, so the system is still a bit random. However, if you're playing in Creative mode, you can find enchanted books in the creative inventory. The next step requires an anvil. Right-click on the anvil, put the enchanted book in the left-hand slot, and put the item or block you want to enchant in the slot next to the book. The result will be the same item you put in, but with the same enchantment that was on the book. Note you will lose the book in this process. You can enchant items/blocks as many times as you want using enchanted books, so feel free to give your favorite diamond sword a million billion enchantments! Hope this helps! :D

How do you use the power of the in enchanted bow in minecraft?

You hold it until it starts to zoom in and then it just shoots

How do you make a bow in Minecraft?

There is no such thing. There is only one type of bow which can be enchanted to be stronger.