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First, you need to wait until "Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal" is at the Stage. Next, if you're a member, buy the camera from the costume catalog. Finally, go to Ski Hill wearing ONLY the camera and use the wave motion. Your penguin should lift the camera to their face, take a picture(you will see a flash), and freeze. You will hear a little ding and see a stamp icon appear in the top left of the screen for a short time.

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Q: How do you use a camera on top of ski hill?
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How do you get the camera to use at the top of the ski hill?

You have to wait till you can buy a camera :0

How do you use the camera on ski hill on club penguin?

Buy the camera and wave

How do you bring the camera to the ski hill on club penguin?

Buy a camera from the stage catalog (sometimes it's not there) the put it on and go to the ski hill. To use it press w or d, I forgot which one, then you got your stamp.

How do you use a camera on the top of the ski hill on club penguin?

Make sure your waring just the camera, and then have your penguin wave.

How do you use a camera on top of the ski hill?

You have to wait until they sell it in a catalog, right now they have it in the play catalog for Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl!

Do you use magnetism when you ski down a hill?


How do you take a picture on top of ski hill in clubpenguin?

you will need a camera you can get one with a club penguin toy or one day it was in the catalog hop this helped

Where is the top of the montain in Club Penguin?

Near the Ski Lodge, you go up the hill, then you are on the top. (The white arrow on the blue sign points you there) Or, you can just use your map, at the bottom right of your screen.

How do you test G's sled?

take it to the ski hill and use it on the very last track

Do you use friction when you ski down a hill?

yes. there is friction to resist every movement we make

How do skiers overcome the force of gravity to have another go?

Skiers use a combination of techniques such as momentum, balance, and body positioning to navigate the ski slope and ride up the lift to have another go down the mountain. By leveraging these elements effectively, skiers can counteract the force of gravity and enjoy multiple runs in a skiing session.

What website can you use to find out mountain elevations at resort ski mountains?

use mobile/wap ski holiday website to see the top and bottom altitudes of over 250 of the world's top ski resortsyou can also use this mobile ski resort guide on your PC because the PC pages have a little demo-phone on-screen, which works exactly like the site does on your cell phoneto look up the ski resort altitudes for the top and bottom of the ski trails on any well known ski mountain, you need to start at the homepage and:1. Choose your Ski Resort (eg Chamonix)2. from the Ski Resort homepage (eg you click the "Info" link near the top of the pageThats it! Scroll down the ski resort info page to find the elevation of the top ski lift station and the lowest uplift (ie the range of the whole piste/trails area).Because of the way that ski resorts are built, you can be fairly confident that the lower altitude is also the approx altitude of the actual ski resort (useful when choosing your ski holidays if you react badly to sleeping at altitude - simply choose a ski holiday in a low altitude ski resort).snoman