How do you use DS download play?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You need another DS with a game that supports single-card download play, then all of the other DS's can join after it shows up on the download play menu (unless the group is full)

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Q: How do you use DS download play?
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Can you use ds download play on platnium?


Can you use ds download play with Lego battles?


Can dsi's ds download play with ds's?

No but DSi can play DS games.

How do you connect a DSi to another DSi?

in pictochat or download playSimple! Use your DS Download Play!

Can starfox command DS play DS download play?

yes, it can

Do you have to have 2 of the game to ds download?

No, the DS Download Play is a feature for people with one game card and 2 or more DS Consoles. Not every multiplayer game has DS Download play.

How do you download stuff on Nintendo ds lite?

The Nintendo DS Lite cannot download new software or updates unlike the NDSi or 3DS. It can only DS Download play, which temporarily allows you to play a downloaded DS game. You can find the DS Download Play button in the home menu of the Nintendo DS.

Can a DSi DS download play with a DS?


How do you get to ds download play from the r4 main screen?

You cant, R4ds doesnt supply ds download play. You just need to take the r4ds out of the slot and go into ds download play manually.

Can you play Mario party ds mutiplayer without ds download play?

No :(

How do you hook dsi to dsi XL for dame sharing?

use DS Download Play

Can you use DS download play on diamond?

go on google then go to goolgle store