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Replace Files In My Documents "Bully Scholarship Edition" Folder.

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Q: How do you use Bully save files that are downloaded?
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How do you view cache files and then download from internet explorer?

Get the files from cache folder of the disk cache device, cache directory. Save them to desktop and rename them with applicable file extension and use that files as if they are downloaded.

How can you change the downloaded files in FDM?

To change the files in FDM just open the folder and use a converter to change the files.

How do i use a finished torrent?

Right click on it's name and click "Open Containing Folder" your files that you downloaded will be in there. From then on it depends on what kind of files you downloaded and that is for another question.

How to convert jfenc format files to mp4 format files?

By now we know that the pipi player can play its downloaded file. But can other players do so? Answer is YES!. How: After you have downloaded the file, locate the completed downloaded file(s). [use menu 2, drop down two] To save as, use option <E>. You get *.rmvb. You can now play using players like VLC. I believe many of you are looking for this solution. If you have rename, well -- too bad. Once the files (use separate directory) have be renamed, you can use a converter to convert to other format.

How do i use the files i downloaded from the torrent?

open the containing folder click on the folder locky

I downloaded a doc file from my email but I chose the open option After editing it a lot I clicked Ctrl plus S to save it not realising I didn't save when i downloaded it only opened it Where is it?

In what ever temp download folder your browser uses. The easiest way to find it would be to use MS Words recently opened files function.

What software can be used to convert FLAC files to MP3 files?

CNet has a free software that allows users to convert FLAC files to MP3 files, whether for use on an iPod or on iTunes. The free converter can be downloaded on CNet.

How do you use cheat engine on IWBTG?

well you have to download it then save it to your files

Can you use office 2013 to read office 2000 files and save in office 2013?

Yes, You can use MS Office 2013 to read and save MS office 2000 files. You can use the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to allow backward compatibility, so that previous versions of Office can open and save files in the new file format.

How can you download WWE raw save files?

i dont know use ur brain

How are pdf's made?

I tried two methods: I. Use Adobe Acrobat. Edit you words/pictures/formats in it and then save as PDF files. II. Use Microsoft Office free plugin "Save as PDF". Just edit your files in Word/Excel/PPT then save as PDF. It is really simple.

How many save files can you have on Pokemon Colosseum?

You can only have one but if you use two memory cards,you make one on each.