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Mod the sims. Search it, find it, click "skins" to get the download catalouge. You should have your disk in. Click on upload. Click on "sim". Then go from there. Mod The Sims.

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Q: How do you upload a sim to Mod The Sims?
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What are some Sim's sites?

Mod the sim TSR The sims Liana sims 2

What is the website to make your sim a super model on sims 2?

Mod The Sims

How do you upload sims onto The Sims 2 com?

register on the site, and in your game click the upload icon when that sim is selected - enter your username and pass and upload

How do you change your avatar on sims3 to one of your own cutsom sims?

you have to upload one of your sims on the website. the website has all of the instructions on how to upload a sim.

How do you get your teen sim pregnant in sims 2?

Search for InTeenimator. It's a mod.

I'd like to change the create-a-sim room background like I could in sims 2. How do you change the create-a-sim background on sims 3?

You will need a mod.

How do you kidnap a Sim in Sims 2?

I think your supposed to do a mod. Go to

Can you hit a sim on sims 2 doubled deluxe for the computer?

YES you can slap your sim but there are better ways like getting a mod!

How do you stab a sim in The Sims 3?

There is no way to stab sims in the sims 3. No expansion packs enable this feature. But there is a mod that allows you to murder other sims, but that is the closest thing to it.

How can you make your sims the color black like the grim reaper?

You can't make a Sim that black. The only way you could do that is if you find a custom skin on a Sim's download site such as Mod the Sims.

Why can't you upload sims 2 pets?

its no where near like uploading up a sim but for some reason my sims dont up load help

What is sims 2 life stories?

The Sims 2 Life Stories is similar to the regular Sims 2. You may play in a free-style mod which is the normal Sims. You may also play in the live of an already made Sim. This Sim has particular needs that have to be fulfilled to move on to the next level.