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no, there is no murdering in the Sims

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Q: Can you make your sim murder another sim on The Sims 3?
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Is there a murder on sims 2?

No, a sim cannot murder another sim on The Sims. However, if both sims are enemies, they can hurt each other. You can also use cheats to kill your sims.

On sims deluxe can you make another sim move in with another sim?

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When sims are already married is there a cheat where you can make the married sim purpose to another sim in sims2?


On The Sims 2 how do you make another sim move in with you?

Build a friendship between the two sims & then eventually it should have "Propose.." "Move In" in that pie bar when you click on another sim.

How do you make a sim not related to another sim in sims 2?

to make a Sim not related to each other what you do is you make the family but instead of pressing spouse or sibling you push roomie of your Sim

Can another sim kill another sim on Sims 2 for PC?


Can you get a job in another country on sims 3?

No. But if you save your sim and make them move to another part you can.

How can you make youself a sim in The Sims 2?

Yes you can make yourself a sim in the sims 2.

What is a sim...?

A Sim is a virtual person. It is also a game. The games are called .MySims .The Sims .The Sims 2 .The Sims 3 .The Sims Social There are more simulated games like that. Another sim is your sim card for your mobile phone. 'Sim' is also a surname.Hope this helps!

How Do You Scare a Sim on Sims 2?

what you can do is get some one to die on the residence that your sim is on (you can have some one live there before hand and make them die, then move in your sim) and make sure that there is a tombstone,not an urn. then at night the person who died would come and haunt your sim. Or in Sims 2 Nightlife, you can make a Sim a vampire and have that Sim in a coffin and when they are asleep in that coffin, another Sim can dare another Sim to death or peak at the vampire

What On The Sims 2 PC your Sim died what do you do now?

Get over them and make another one.

Can you kill another sim on sims 2 for ps2?

You can, you can make it an accident by making your sim use the stove a lot with a sim with a low cooking skill