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Type "/mute (player name)" in the chat to unmute.

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Q: How do you unmute someone on minecraft?
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Is it possible to unmute yourself from a Minecraft server?

No, the only way is to have a high-ranked person unmute you. In the meantime, use signs to talk.

How do you unmute in Minecraft?

If you're talking about the volume, press escape to access the pause menu and change the volume sliders.

How do you get unmuted on Minecraft?

Unless you are staff member on the server, you will be unable to unmute yourself. When muted, it is either permanent, a staff member will manually unmute you or the server consol will unmute you after a set amount of time. Do NOT try to hack, as this will only get you in deeper trouble. In some cases, hacking can be punishable by law. Just wait it out.

How do you un mute yourself on minecraft?

You can't. Only the admin/op/mod can unmute you. (unless you want to hack into the server console which is illegal)

How do you unmute yourself on AQWorlds?

you can't. you just have to wait - it doesn't take too long to unmute

How do you unmute chat on HorseIsle?

Type !unmute"chat channel". For example, !unmutebuddy, !unmuteglobal, etc.

How do you unmute players in xbox 360?

go to the gamer card then it will say unmute then click on it then youll be unmuted

Can someone invite you to minecraft realms?

what I meant to ask was can someone invite me to minecraft realms

How do you unmute yourself on runescape?

Unfortunately,you cant. I have tried many times and it is impossible. However if u send this email to jagex they will unmute u to

Is Steve was a random name or was a memory of someone in minecraft?

Steve was not a random name but a memory of someone in Minecraft.

How do you get someone to get minecraft?

ask them

Can someone take down a minecraft server for you?

No. No one will hack an minecraft server because someone wants to take revenge.