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Which one?

Gold: unlock all attachments

Grey/Silver: 500 kills (need to be prestige)

Grey/Silver with headshot icon: 250 headshots

White Skulls: 2500 kills

Gold Skulls: 1000 headshots

check here for all the titles and emblems:
You have to get 10000 kills with the intervention.

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Q: How do you unlock the intervention title on MW2?
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What level do you unlock the intervention in mw2?

when you are level 4 you unlock the intervention and 50 cal.

How do you unlock the intervention embelem in MW2?

To unlock the Intervention emblem, you must get 1,000 kills with the Intervention after Prestiging at least once.

How do you unlock the intervention emblem on mw2?

get 2500 headshots

How do you get all titles in mw2?

do some challenges they will unlock it for you ------------------------- Completing every challenge will unlock every title.

How do you get the m4a1 title in mw2?

unlock all the attachments or get 500 or more kills with it when you have prestiged

How do you unlock the blademaster title on MW2?

Stab 250 enemies with your knife. You must have prestiged at least once to unlock this challenge.

How do you unlock the title blademaster in MW2?

kill 250 people with melee (knife, tactical knife)

In MW2 how do you unlock the domino effect title?

kill an enemy by starting a chain of explosives. (or enemies)

HOW DO YOU unlock the tar- 21 title on mw2?

You have to achieve the Mastery challenge for that weapon. That is, unlocking all attachments.

How do you unlock the Ta Da title on MW2?

Well, as you all know the 'Ta-Da!' title is VERY rare. I know how to unlock it! What you have to do is you have to kill 25 players within 5 seconds after respawning on a Tactical Insertion. That's how you unlock the 'Ta-Da!' title!

How do you get the MW2 extra crispy title?

you unlock it by getting 50 kills with the stealth bomber. this is the Spirit 1 challenge.

How do you unlock the 3xtra cribi title in mw2?

get 50 kills with a stealth bomber, however you must have prestiged first