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Go through union cave. One will require you to bring Ho-Oh, the other will require you to use a water stone in front of the tablet.

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Q: How do you unlock the fourth unknown puzzle in Pokemon heart gold?
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How do you catch unknown on Pokemon Crystal?

You can catch Unknown in the Ruins of Alph (near Violet City.) You cam unlock more Unknown by completing the wall puzzles.

How do you catch unown?

in pokemon LEAFGREEN/FIRERED you can catch them in the tanoby chambers after you unlock a puzzle in a cave in the sevault canyon called tanoby key using strengh. in pokemon GOLD/SILVER/CRYSTAL you must unlock at least one of the puzzles in ruins of the alph then unown well appear in the visitors room where you fall after after you unlock a puzzle.

How do you unlock the walls with unknown on them on Pokemon diamond?

There are no locks on walls with unowns on them: they just tell a story

When can you unlock the safari zone in Pokemon soulsilver?

I'm not sure but I think you have to defeat the fourth or fifth gym.

What is a braille chamber?

A braille chamber is a puzzle which you must solve in order to unlock certain Pokemon, such as Regice, Regirock or Registeel.

How do you unlock all puzzle mode levels in Plants vs Zombies?

all you have to do is unlock all the puzzle mode levels in plants vs zombies

What Pokemon do you unlock in Pokemon dash?

You don't unlock Pokemon you unlock things like different cups and time attack ect. Just not Pokemon

How do you complete a puzzle on Howrse?

to complete a puzzle on horse you have to unlock all the cards that contain the puzzle piece of the right category.

How do you unlock Patrick in super mini puzzle heroes?

use SPONGEBOB to unlock patrick

Pokemon fire red what do the dots in the ruins mean?

There are old buildings where those dots are... they have nothing in them. Apparently, you have to go to the trainer tower and unlock the tanoby key. Then the unknown Pokemon will appear in the ruins.

Do you get anything after catching the last 2 unknown in Pokemon soul silver?

no, those 2 are optional unown "trophies". as they are unlock in a somewhat special way.

What happens after you catch all the unknowns?

you can read the unknown and you unlock ? and ! unknown