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some of your allies have specialization in an area

like Alistar's specialization is being a templar

to learn ones of your companions get their approval of you up and you may learn it from them.

Others may be found all over Ferelden like the Duelist

go to the pearl brothel and you see a woman fight, after she wins talk to her and ask to learn from her. she will play a game with you first and you use dexterity and see that she is cheating. then you unlock the duelist specialization.

Google the locations of the others if you want them

and dont forget to select what you want to specialize in when you level up. its under the your character's picture.

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Q: How do you unlock the dragon age origins specialization?
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How do you become a Reaver in Dragon Age Origins?

During the quest for the Urn of Sacred Ashes, you will need to side with the cultists and defile the urn. If you do this, the cultist leader will unlock the Reaver specialization for you.

How do you unlock chests on Dragon age origins?

To unlock chests in Dragon Age Origins, you have to be skilled in picklocking, which is somewhere in the skills area somewhere ,pretty much. If your character is a rouge then it comes naturally to them and they can unlock chests to a certain point. Eventually though if you get the skill up all the way you can unlock anything.

When will dragon age origins come out?

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Is dragon age origins for PS3?

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How do you become a spirit healer in Dragon Age Origins?

You buy the manual which unlocks the specialization, from the Wonders of Thedas shop in Denerim, or from Levi in Soldier's Peak, if you have the DLC.

In Dragon Age Origins how do you get the Templar Specialization?

You can either buy a Manual that unlocks it, from Bodahn in the party camp, or with high enough approval rating, you can get Alistair to teach it to you.

Is dragon age origins online?

The answer is yes. Dragon Age Origins is downloadable to PC through this site: As well as a few others most likely : )

Do you have to have the original Dragon Age Origins to play Dragon Age Origins Awakening?

Yes, because Awakenings is an expansion to Origins

What is better Mario or dragon age origins?

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Is there a dragon age origins demo?

No, there is not.

Will there be a dragon age origins 2?

No, there will not be a Dragon Age Origins 2. There is, however, an expansion pack to Origins which is called Awakening, which is like a part 1.5 to the series.

Is there nudity in dragon age?

A little. In Dragon Age: Origins, one female demon briefly shows her breasts. There is no nudity after that, though.Source: