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Duel and defeat Ishizu Ishtar three times. Ishizu Ishtar is located in random spots around the city and has a three-star duelist rating. Defeating Ishizu Ishtar three times lets you duel Yami Bakura.2Defeat Yami Bakura. After you defeat Yami Bakura, return home and check your email. You will have an email from Seto Kaiba inviting you to his mansion for a party.3Go to Kaiba's mansion. The mansion will be locked and you will not be able to enter it. Go home and wait until nighttime of the next day. Roland will arrive at your home and take you to Kaiba's mansion.4Wait until the characters have finished talking to one another. After the conversation, you are transported to a virtual version of the city you were in. In this virtual world, you must defeat four members of the Big Five to proceed.5Defeat the four members of the Big Five. All four members are rated as five-star duelists. After you defeat the fourth member, you will be prompted to save your game.6Save your game. After you save, you will be transported to an underwater military base where you will have to duel Mokuba, Noah and Gozabouro.7Defeat Mokuba, Noah and Gozabouro. For the first two duels, you can win under any circumstance, but when you duel Gozabouro, you must defeat him within 20 turns or you will lose the duel. After you defeat Gozabouro, you are released back into the real world and wake up in Kaiba's mansion.8Watch the cut-scene between Para, Dox and Pegasus. After the cut-scene, you are taken to the Expert Cup Finals.Expert Cup Part Two9Save your game when you arrive in the building where the Expert Cup Finals are being held. In the building, you can also purchase cards and duel against Mai, Serenity and Téa. Talk to Roland when you are ready to begin the Expert Cup Finals.10Defeat Rebecca two out of three times. Rebecca's deck features cards that give her life points by draining your life points. Rebecca will also use Gravity Bind, which prevents you from attacking her, so be sure to have at least one card that destroys traps in your deck.11Save after you defeat Rebecca. Talk to Roland when you are ready to face off against Yami Bakura.12Duel and defeat Yami Bakura two out of three times. Yami Bakura uses a lot of fiend monsters in his deck, so counter them by using light-type monster cards and spell cards that directly affect fiend-type monsters, such as Exile of the Wicked.13Save after defeating Yami Bakura. Talk to Roland when you are ready to face your final opponent, Yami Yugi.14Beat Yami Yugi twice to become the King of Games and to finish the Expert Cup. Yami Yugi's deck focuses on Dark Magician and its supporting cards, so concentrate on destroying Dark Magician as soon as you see it enter the field. In addition to becoming the King of Games, you will earn 2000 KCP and the ability to put one banned card in your deck.

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Q: How do you unlock the dice mansion for Yu-Gi-Oh nightmare troubadour?
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