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For one, you have to be rich (but you don't use the cheat to get money or else you can't unlock it at night). It will say that there's a ghost invasion; you go there a well-known Sim ghost hunter or cat and capture all of the ghosts. If you continue to do that more than over and over, then the Goth Manor will stop being haunted and it will go back up for sale. When it says that it's back up for sale, you press start, hold all four triggers, and unlock the cheats. Then you will have infinite money and you can move and click in Goth Manor.

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Q: How do you unlock the Goth manor in Sims 3 Pets?
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How do you unlock the goth manor on sims 3 pets on xbox 360?

First you gave to sign up to solve mysteries. Then you play the cat mystery. Once you finish that whole thing then Goth manor will be rewarded.

How do you unlock The Goth Manor on sims 3 for xbox?

u have to do a mystery only 9 lives live and find a couch in goth manor

On the sims bustin out can you marry Bella goth?

No. you cant marry Bella at the Goth manor. But you can be girlfriend and girlfriend or girlfriend and boyfriend. Thanks for your question

Where is the haunted shack in sims bustin out?

I don't know about haunted shack, but Goth Manor is haunted.

How do you unlock the goth manor sims 3 pets?

You must complete the "Just Nine Lives to Live" mystery and have at least 165,000 dollars when you move(it's best to save up money to edit the stuff because the house is really outdated, the first room you should edit is the kitchen and, if you don't have a baby, change the baby room into a cat and dog room.)

How do you unlock townise on sims pets ps2?

You unlock townies by fufilling your aspiration points like your job.

In my sims can you write letters like the mayor or cast spells in chairs like the goth people?

You have to unlock the limo first

The sims 2 pets unlock all locations cheat?

i think the page is ok

How do you townes on sims pets ps2?

If you want to unlock a townie your Sims must be kept happy. At least that's what I think. It took me ages to unlock this guy called Charlie Prescott.

How do you make Bella goth your girlfriend in the sims social?

You can't date Bella Goth on the Sims Social. Sorry :/

Can you unlock more towns in sims 2 pets for wii?

nope. at lease that's what i think......

Do young Sims have to go to school on The Sims games?

Yes, young sims have to go to school, on The Sims games. Including The Sims Deluxe Edition, The Sims 2, Pets, and especially The Sims 3. Actually, young sims dont HAVE to go to school. For example, on the Sims PS2 (It's the same as the computer version) I skipped school while playing on the GOTH family in Play the Sims. Although Cassandra (the little girl in the GOTH family) got a C. So I recommend you send them to school.