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No. you cant marry Bella at the Goth manor. But you can be girlfriend and girlfriend or girlfriend and boyfriend. Thanks for your question

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Q: On the sims bustin out can you marry Bella goth?
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Can You Marry Bella Goth?

On Sims 2 PSP you can not marry people, because it is a story what you have to complete, also you can not have children!

How do you make Bella goth your girlfriend in the sims social?

You can't date Bella Goth on the Sims Social. Sorry :/

Where is the haunted shack in sims bustin out?

I don't know about haunted shack, but Goth Manor is haunted.

How can you marry bella goth in the sims social?

yes u can. You can knock her up by doing at least 30 romantic kisses then it says sleep together!

Can married Bella in sims bustin' out?

:( no, sorry... you can only marry sims from the free-play mode. but, let me give you a tip... you can create a better sim in free-play mode, or make your own bella!!! that way you can marry her. make sure you make it perfect for you because there is no divorce. hope this has helped you!!! Good luck!!! :)

Where are the contaminating spores coming from on The Sims Bustin' Out for the PS2?

While at shiny things lab visit the Goth's and steal a Fern.

Can you get big breasts on sims bustin out?

Answer:=No you can not "get" big boobs on the sims bustin out. You can on the sims 2, but for bustin out-no you can't=

When did The Sims Bustin' Out happen?

The Sims Bustin' Out happened in 2003.

What was the very first Sims called for a playstation 2?

the sims bustin out the sims bustin out

Which came first The Sims 2 or sims bustin out?

the sims bustin out came first

Can you have twins on The Sims bustin out ps2?

no you cannot have twins on sims bustin out i wish you could. how can you visit the house of romance in the sims bustin out?

Where does Bella goth live in the sims 3?

This is sorta a secret, but I'll tell you where to find Bella.There is no Bella Goth in the sims 3! But there is Mortimer, right, Mortimer Goth?, as a kid! So let's think, Bella dissappeared as an adult, right? So she was a kid, and is in the sims 3. Her name is Bella Bachelor which is the name she had before getting married. She is about 9. I'm not exactly sure. She lives with her parents Simis and Jocasta Bachelor in the Bachelor household.