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Go to Jubilife City. Then enter the Fun and Games TV Station. Climb to the third floor. In the room, you'll notice a man and woman standing beside each other. Talk to them and the man will ask you a question. Answer "everyone happy" and "WIFI connection." He will say "very good" and give you the mystery gift. Save your game and turn the power off. When you repower go to the menu where you normally start the game. Click on the Mystery Gift button and you'll be there. The program does not give you a gift at first. But, it does give you the chance to get the member's card for Darkrai, the Azure Flute for Arceus, and Oak's Letter for Shaymen. Good Luck.

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Q: How do you unlock mystery gift in Japanese Pokemon diamond or Pokemon pearl?
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Where do you download Pokemon Battle Revolution?

if you mean to download onto the ds there are mystery gifts to unlock and if you want to put Pokemon on to the game you must have a ds and a Pokemon diamond or platinum or pearl hope this helps

What do you enter in the Japanese Pokemon Fire Red version in the questionnaire at the PokeMart to unlock the mystery gift system in English it is Link Together With All?

have you treid typing that in?

On Pokemon Diamond how do you unlock darkri?

get thegost glinch

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which island do you mean?

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The Battle Factory is unavailable in Diamond or Pearl, but it is in Platinum, Heartgold, and Soulsilver.

What is the ar code for Pokemon diamond for the gamestop event Shiny Beasts I REALLY need it?

You don't need a code. You unlock Mystery Gift, go to Gamestop, then open menu, go to Mystery Gift, receive gift, and you get it.

Are there wonder codes that unlock a Pokemon?

Not in Pokemon blue mystery dungeon but there are them in Pokemon exploreres of darknes and exploreres of time.

How do you unlock mystery gift in Pokemon Diamond?

you go to jublife city and go to the third floor talk to the man all the way in the back then say everyone happy wifi connection

How do you unlock dungeons with rare Pokemon in it in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

solve missions and you will get further and unlock new dungeons i know i completed it

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NO! You can only unlock pal park on platinum, diamond and pearl

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you cant