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i dont believe you can but to get more pokemon words just find the pokemon

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Q: How do you unlock more words to say in Pokemon platinum?
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Which is more rated Pokemon Platinum or Pokemon pearl?


Which one should you get Pokemon Platinum or Pokemon diamond?

Pokemon Platinum because you can catch more legendaries!

Where is another master ball in Pokemon Platinum?

there is no more masterballs in Pokemon platinum but not if you use cheats

Is there requaza in Pokemon Platinum?

There isn't a Rayquaza in Pokemon Platinum. For more information contact me at

What is better Pokemon Pearl or platinum?

i reckon PLatinum. it has all the new features but doesnt allow some Pokemon to appear in the wild that do in Diamond/ pearl. but platinum also has even rarer Pokemon that don't appear in pearl/diamond. I have all three. YAY

How do you evolve aipom in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum Aipom will evolve at level 33 into Ambipom. Check out For Lots & Lots more Info on Evolutions , Pokemon Locations , Pokemon , Poketch Apps & More.

How does your Pokemon get more speed in platinum?

By leveling up your Pokemon or by giving it carbos.

Is any more Pokemon games coming out?

Pokemon platinum is coming out soon

Pokemon Platinum how to get dexous?

You can't get Deoxys in Pokemon Platinum only by trade or migrate. For more information contact me at

Where can you get a totadile on Pokemon Platinum?

You can't get todadile in Pokemon Platinum only by trade or migrate. For more information contact me at

Where is the beach in Pokemon Platinum?

There are a lot of Beaches in Pokemon Platinum, There are two near the Lake Valor Resort, one in Sunyshore City, and more. Can you be more Specific, please?

Where can you find more Master balls on Pokemon platinum?

Pokemon lotery and action replay