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beat the 7th gym leader on cinnibar island i think his name is blaine, then bill will take u on a boat to 1 island.

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Q: How do you unlock island 1 in green leaf?
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How do you unlock dotcave in green leaf island 6?

use HM 1 that contain cut infront the doted door

How do you get to Island 1 in Pokemon Leaf Green and beat the elite 4?

get the rinbowpass

Where is the move deleter in green leaf?

somewhere on 1 2 3 4 5 island

Where do you get moltres on Pokemon emerald?

you can't get him on emerald ruby or Sapphire. you have to trade him from Pokemon leaf green or fire red to emerald. on Pokemon fire red and leaf green you get him at the end of island 1.

How do you get to island 1 again in Pokemon leaf green?

Goto VERMILION City harbour, where you entered SS Anne

Pokemon leaf green how rare are rapidash i have been trying for 3 days?

rapidash is found on island 1 in the grass..veronica

What are 3 analagies to a leaf?

1. Your as green as a leaf 2. Your as light as a leaf. 3. He fell down as slowly as a leaf

How do you trade Pokemon leaf green and Pokemon sapphire whithout beating the Pokemon league?

fix the machine on island 1 find the ruby and the sapphire stones

Where to get fire Pokemon in Pokemon Leaf Green?

mt. ember and kindle road (island 1). you'll find ponyta, rapidash, magmar, and even moltres.

Can you relearn a move that your Pokemon forgot on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can. Island 2 on Leaf Green, there is a man that will teach your Pokemon moves for 2 tinymushrooms or 1 big mushroom.

How do you get back to the Kanto region from island 1 in leaf green?

To get back to the Kanto region from Island 1 in Leaf Green, you need to board the ferry at the Vermilion City port. The ferry will take you back to the Kanto region, allowing you to continue your journey there.

How do you get all Pokemon available?

In Leaf Green And Fire Red, for Johto Pokemon you need the national pokedex; this was obtained when you gave the blue and red gems to Celio in Island 1