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Sing Really Good Or Enter Codes

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Q: How do you unlock all the songs in boogie superstar?
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How do you get the last song on boogie superstar?

You have to unlock all the rewards packages & buy them. Then you have to collect enough money and go for the show and complete it. This way you become a superstar and this way you unlocked the last song. (MayaSprouse edit) After you have unlocked level 5 on all three you must buy a trail ticket for 500 and then complete that to earn the last 2 songs, if you do not succeed, don't worry you can keep on buying the ticket until you win!

Can you unlock all songs on guitar hero metallica with a cheat?

No, you cannot unlock the songs with a cheat.

How do you unlock songs on rockband2?

You have to play them in"Tour Mode" to unlock them. Or you could enter the "Unlock all songs" cheat (God knows how).

What is the ticket code for karaokepartycom to unlock all songs?

all songs unlocked

Is the a cheat to unlock all songs in ocarina of time?

its easy to get all the songs but theres no cheat

How do you dance on boogie superstar?

To dance all you have to do is move your wii remote in the direction that is shown on the screen. Go onto instructions or training then you will be able to get more help,

How do you get sweet child of mine on guitar hero 2?

You have to unlock it by playing other songs first or get the cheat code to unlock all the songs.

Does smack down vs raw 2008 have the boogie man?

no but in the place where you can make an advanced entrance there is all this stuff to make it look like the boggie man so you can create him in the create a superstar thing ps: i am the boogie man and im coming TO GET YAH!! :)

What is a list of all rapper locksmith songs?

Unlock the Funk

Does unlock everything exist on guitar hero aerosmith?

No. Only a Unlock All Songs cheat exists.

How tall can you make a player on madden NFL 10?

you can make him 7 feet tall i did it in superstar mode oh cheat code to unlock superstar mode theworks in all caps

How do you get to use the people in Guitar Hero Metallica?

I'm not 100% sure but after you unlock them you have to go to backstage and the ROCK STAR CREATOR! an select them and then you have to buy them.To unlock you have to play there songs and to unlock meetalica peeps you have to beat all there songs on 100% or just beat them all.