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No, I have used the cheat to unlock all quickplay songs and it is not there.

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Q: Is through the fire and flames on guitar hero world tour?
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Is through fire and flames on guitar hero 5?

No, Through The Fire And The Flames is not on GH5. It is on III, and smash hits however.

What song has the most notes in guitar hero series Through the Fire and Flames or Sudden Death?

Through the Fire & Flames

Who is the best Guitar Hero player in the world?

Daniel Johnson of Grapevine Texas(Guitarherophenom on youtube) he completed the songs Through the fire and flames, Slash Guitar Battle, and The Devil Went Down to Georgia on Expert and got 100% on each two of which were the first 100%s of all time. He has also FC'd Through The Fire And Flames expert. Others have done that, but he's the first to do it 6 times, and he is the current world record holder because he doesnt use hyperspeed.

Who is the best Guitar Hero 3 player in the world?

Danny Johnson of the USA, who has Full Comboed both the entire setlist and all Downloadable Content on Expert, including both Through the Fire and Flames and The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Through the Fire and Flames?

Through the Fire and Flames is a song by DragonForce that was made doubly famous due to it's appearance in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. It is called the hardest Guitar Hero song ever. The song is seven minutes & twenty-four seconds long & has five solos not including one ending semi-solo. The drum line, however, would have been much harder than the guitar line. RedOctane realized that themselves & put the song into the latest Guitar Hero installment; Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. The song now includes a drum line & a vocals line.