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Amy:Complete Adventure as Sonic.Cream:Complete Adventure as Tails.Rouge:Complete Adventure as Knuckles.Shadow:Complete Adventure as Rouge.Silver:Complete 10 minute man melee fight.Blaze:Complete Adventure as Silver.Super Sonic:Complete the 50 man fight.Super Shadow:Complete Adventure as Super Sonic

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To get amy you have to do it with sonic

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Q: How do you unlock all the characters in sonic smash brothers?
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How Can you Unlock Super Sonic In Sonic Smash Brothers?

You don't unlock him! If you unlock Sonic and play as him, Super Sonic is his final smash.

How do you unlock blast in sonic smash brother?

There is no such thing as Sonic Smash Brothers.

How do you unlock super sonic in Sonic Smash Brothers?

"Clear Classic Mode with 10 Characters or 300 matches. Sonic is also known to appear randomly after clearing a few brawls, just try playing the subspace emissary and clear the stage."""

How do you unlock all characters in sonic smash bros?

Open up the CHEATS menu, then type in "upoverandgone." To learn how to open up the cheats menu, go to, type in "sonic smash brothers" then, when it takes you to the game, click "Sonic Smash Brothers cheats."

How do you unlock everyone on sonic smash brothers?

cheat codes

How do you unlock super shadow on sonic smash brothers?

You can't.

Can you unlock sonic super smash brothers melee?

Sonic was not released for Super Smash Bros Melee and is not unlockable.

How do you unlock super silver and o'aggman in sonic smash brothers?

super silver and o'aggman is not in sonic smash bros

Can you unlock Sonic Underground in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

Sonic Underground is an animated TV series. And no, you cannot unlock episodes, or characters other than Sonic, from Sonic Underground in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

What is the cheat code to unlock everyone in sonic smash brothers?

the code is upoverandgone

How do you unlock supersonic in sonic smash brothers?

Complete the 50 man fight.

How do you unlock shadow on sonic smash brothers?

you can get it as a assisted trophy after you unlock sonic in super smash bros brawl after play 300 matches, beat classic with 10 character or have sonic join after you beat sse