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It depends on which weapon but for SMG's you need to unlock "rapid fire" and get 30 kills with it attached to get an akimbo SMG. For some shotguns, you need 15 kills to get akimbo. For handguns, 50 kills are needed. For machine pistols, you need 75 kills.

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Q: How do you unlock akimbo in modern warfare 2?
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In modern warfare 2 how do you switch from akimbo to non akimbo?

You have to take the akimbo attachment off.

In modern warfare 2 what button do you press to switch from akimbo to non akimbo?

you can't. akimbo weapons are always akimbo, you can't switch back and forth.

How many kills do you need to get for akimbo on the rangers in modern warfare 2?


What is the attachment on the desert eagle in modern warfare 2?

FMJ,akimbo,and tatical knife

Is there another name for dual wield in call of duty?

In Modern Warfare 2 the dual wield term was "Akimbo"

What level do you have to be to unlock wa200 in modern warfare 2?

You unlock it at level 36.

How do you unlock the ranger emblem on modern warfare 2?

You cant.

What is the best possible knifing class for call of duty modern warfare 2?

ump45 with siliencer and usp45 akimbo with marathon lightweght and commando

What are the 5 best guns on modern warfare 2?

For me the top 5 would be: 1.ACR 2.Intervention 3.Scar-H 4.M93 Raffica (best akimbo) 5.G18 (best akimbo) But really it is mostly up to you.

Can you duel wield on call of duty modern warfare 2?

Yes, but only certain weapons can. These weapons are labeled as 'Akimbo' when they are being dual-wield.

Do you unlock anything for beating the museum mission in modern warfare 2?


How do you unlock the javlin on modern warfare 2?

you have to reach level 50