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Yes, but only certain weapons can. These weapons are labeled as 'Akimbo' when they are being dual-wield.

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Q: Can you duel wield on call of duty modern warfare 2?
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How do you make a challenge lobby on call of duty modern warfare 2?

get a lobby and challendge it to a duel, if you happen to beat the lobby you just have created a challedge lobby

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Is there a duel wield mod for minecraft 1.1?

There aren't any that I've seen. 2/3/2012

What gun does the best guy in the world on black ops use?

He uses the Galil suppressed The Makrov duel wield.

How do you duel wield energy swords on Halo 2?

The game does not legitimately allow you to, you would have to use a game modification.

Can you play as double wield roxas in story mode instead of mission mode on kingdom hearts 3582 days?

*SPOILERS* After xion dies, you can play as duel wield roxas who wields oblivion and oathkeeper

How do you duel wield in dragonquest ix?

There are some items which require your character to use both hands. These are only certain ones though. You cannot dual wield with any weapon. Only specific ones.

How do you duel wield swords in halo 3?

u cant bugie says u can 2 make it look good

How do you get double guns in Grand Theft Auto sa?

increase the skills with that gun to max. only some guns can duel wield.

Glitch to duel wield energy swords in halo 3?

use the monitor,make an energy sword then put it in somebody's hand

How do you dual-wield in star wars the old republic?

If your class can duel wield then just right click on two one handed weapons in your inventory to equip them. Note that some weapons have to be used in a specific hand so you can't wield two main hand or two off hand weapons.