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Okay, the only answer is that you have to post a # amount of stars' comment to ask to unlock it... and the other way is to download it anyway nd edit away... lol besides that i have no idea O_O sorry lol! Actually, there IS a way! To do this you need two dsi's. First, download it to one dsi. Second, hit send flipnote on that dsi to the other one. Third, it will ask you do you want to unlock it, or lock it? Hit unlock. BUT, if you want it on that dsi, (the one that you originally had it on) delete it and then send it from the dsi that has it unlocked to the one that you deleted it from.

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Q: How do you unlock a flipnote that is locked?
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How do you unlock a flipnote?

If it is no longer in your System Memory, go to your Creator's Room and download your Flipnote. If you already have this Flipnote in your memory, you may skip that step. Once you have the Flipnote saved, go to Hatena. Choose a channel to post to. When you re-post your Flipnote, DO NOT choose "Lock." Now your Flipnote is unlocked.

How do you download a flipnote from flipnote hatena?

I might be a little late answering, but all you need to do is click on the flipnote you want, press details (Bottom right corner), and touch save (Again in the bottom left corner. If The Flipnote Is Locked, then you cannot edit it, at all. No Name

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when you upload a flip on hatena it should say lock which means other people cant edit your flip when downloaded and if you tap unlock it means that other people can edit and upload it but hatena has a thing that when you upload a flip you cant unlock it again unless you upload it again

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