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Joker will be unlocked and available in free play after you complete the first mission in the third villain episode. The Joker (Tropical) will unlocked and available for purchase after you complete the fifth mission in the third villain episode.

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Q: How do you unlock Joker in Lego Batman?
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How do you unlock Joker?

You can unlock Joker in Lego Batman 2. To do this, you have to beat the game with Batman and then defeat the Joker with The Flash on the Ace Chemical Building.

How do you unlock the joker for Lego batman xbox360?

Figure it out.

How do you unlock joker on Lego batman?

You buy him for i Think 300,000 studs

How do you unlock joker goon with hat Lego batman 2?

Find the joker goon that surrenders when you fight it then buy it

How do unlock joker in Lego batman?

beat chapter 3 return of the joker beat the last level and then go to the batcave hit careacters and buy him

Unlock harley Quinn on Lego batman?

you play as her and the joker in the 1st level of jokers story in the villains area

How do you get firefly on Lego Batman?

you have to unlock VILLAIN HUNT in the mini games, and you can get man bat and the joker tropical and rai a ghoul

How do you find the joker on Lego batman?


Is there a joker classic in Lego batman Wii?


How do you get scarecrow on batman Lego?

complete the joker reterns

On Lego batman is there a cheat code to be the joker? have to be the joker in arkham asylm,then you have to buy tropical joker

How do you unlock the secret people on LEGO Batman?

there is no secret people in Lego batman.