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You take out your wrench and drag it to the telescope.

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2011-06-16 02:34:54
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Q: How do you undo the telescop in club penguin mission 4?
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What is the answer to the G Mission on club penguin?

in the pet store there is a note in code undo the code and there's your answer

Can you undo Club Penguin membership?


How do you forget your saved penguin on Club Penguin?

click on it and before you click sign in undo the check on 'remember this penguin' then your good to go

On club penguin if you start a free account can you undo it?

You can either make it a member or just leave it alone. You can not delete a club penguin account

On club penguin can you undo your ultimate safe chat be specific?

No. The only choice is to restart your account.

How do you undo your safe chat on club penguin?

you make a new penguin and dont put safe chat on that one and use the penguin u just created instead of your old one

On club penguin can you undo your utimate safe chat?

Well, if you go to manage accounts then you click on your penguin and go to settings and switch it.

How do you use the rope and the life preserver in club penguin?

you also need the telescope from the becon ,use wrench from spygear to undo bolts

How do you undo ultimate safe chat?

I don't believe you can but, you would have to contact Club Penguin with your email and give them your Password and Account so that they can change it. That is what I did when I was not a member.

How do you change your city name in millionaire city?

undo the mission

How do you do 'The Case of The Missing Coins' on Club Penguin?

go to the manager's office as the penguin told you. then click under the couch and get the disk and paper clip. insert the disk in the computer and wait. go to the combination number. get it and return downstairs. put the number in and you'll see the coins on the celing. your spyphone will ring. go to HQ. talk to Gary and get the key marked rooftop. get the flashlight, if you do the other mission. go to the roof and use ur spy wrench to undo the power box. throw the paper clip in. then get the tuft of fur in the sewer. bring the fur back to G. then if you want to, get the poer back on in the night club with the flashligh.

What is the Difference between undo and do?

do means you do it and undo means to undo or get ride of it

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