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you can't

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Q: How do you undo a save on Pokemon Pearl?
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How many save files for Pokemon diamond pearl?

You can only save one.

How do you save a new game on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Unlike past Pokemon games, you have to delete you existing save file before you can save a new game. You can do that by holding Up+Select+B on the title screen (where it says Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl) Deleting the save takes a minute or two

How do you undo a save in Sims 2?

You can't undo it when you save.

Can you migrat Pokemon from your Pokemon Green leaf to your R4 Pokemon perl?

Yes, you can but you have to have a cord and the go to the trading center in leaf green it is upstairs of the Healing place and go to the trading center in Pokemon "pearl" and then trade the pokemons. When you are done that save in leaf green and the shut that down and save for Pokemon pearl. Then, in Pokemon pearl go to the safari zone and walk around and you'll find the pokemons that you traded from Leaf Green to Pokemon Pearl.

Is there a way to undo a reset on Pokemon Pearl?

No...Unless you have a DS Hacker who can hack previous saves. P.S. If you do have a DS Hacker I recomend not using him.

What will you do if the game is saving and you turn it of in Pokemon pearl?

It says that the save data is corrupt and will take you back to the last save that you made

What is the action replay code on Pokemon Pearl that shows you a Pokémon's secret id and not yours but the Pokémon's?

Do you have a flashcart? Is the save file .sav then you can use pokesav! Google "Pokemon Pearl Pokesav"

On the menu what do you do with the mistrey gift Pokemon pearl and Dimond?

save game before obtaining pokedex

If you start anew game in Pokemon pearl will your old game be erased?

If you save, yes. If you don't, no.

How do you get the water back in valor lake on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you defeat team galactic in the area and save the three pokemon from cyrus

How do you undo a cheat code on Pokemon platinum when it is saved?

Depends on which cheat code you entered, you can probably delete off your Action Replay and save it.

Can you trade diamond and pearl version pokemons in ruby version?

if you mean can you get Pokemon from pearl and diamond and trade them to ruby so you can get diamond and pearl Pokemon on ruby. then no you can not. but you can migrate ruby Pokemon. you put the Pokemon in ruby that you want to put on diamond or pearl in the PC. save it turn off. then go to diamond and migrate them. must be in ds at the same time. pal park.