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All you have to do is type in the same cheatcode again and its affects will go away.

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Q: How do you undo the cheats for insaniquarium delux?
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Cheats for Insaniquarium?

Buy a normal guppy, one that costs 25 shells, and name It Santa. Then, see what happens....

How to undo cheats in SSX?

Repeat the cheat.

Where can you download insaniquarium?

You can try it for free and buy it if you like it. You can get it at, but it costs about $19.95. But on BigFishGames you can buy it for less. 10 dollars or something. It costs exactly $10.00 from BigFishGames. P.S. For a nice surprise, look up the question "Cheats For Insaniquarium?"

When was Insaniquarium created?

Insaniquarium was created in 2003.

When did Insaniquarium happen?

Insaniquarium happened in 2003.

How do you undo cheats for Nintendogs?

you cant undo cheats but can delete you game when you turn your ds on and press these buttons all at the same to a+b+y+x+l+r your welcome

How do you undo cheats in flashtrek broken mirror 2?

i dont know what that is, but why would anyone wanna undo a cheat??

Insaniquarium deluxe free no download?

free download insaniquarium unlimited

How do you undo all cheats for phosphor beta 2?

reload the window :)

Free Insaniquarium deluxe download?

There is no free download for Insaniquarium Deluxe. You have to buy it.

Where can you get Insaniquarium for free?

There is a website called and you can play Insaniquarium for free online.

How do you sell your bubbulator on insaniquarium deluxe version?

How do you sell your bubbulator on insaniquarium deluxe version?