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Press f1 if you are on Windows, and f1 + fn on Mac.

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Q: How do you turn on your hud on mine craft?
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How did mine craft get its name?

It is called Minecraft because you mine stuff and craft stuff.

How do you turn off the blood setting in mine- craft?

There is no blood setting in minecraft. That is only found in Gore Mods.

How do you go on quests in mine craft?

You press Escape on mine craft on survival then you will see achievements

Is mine craft fun?

mine craft is so fun that you will want that game.You can build your own world

Is there mine craft on the wii?


How do you turn mine craftjar into mine craft?

The minecraft.jar is not the launcher itself. It's all the code that makes up Minecraft. To load Minecraft you have to use the Minecraft.exe which you should already have if you have the .jar

How do you use the craft table in mine craft?

right click it obvs

How do you make a craft box in mine craft?

i don't know... :D

What tool do you use to mine snow on mine craft?

A shovel.

How do you make gravel in mine craft?

You don't make it, you mine it.

What do you mine with to get diamonds on mine-craft?

You can only Mine Diamonds with an Iron Pickax or Better.