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Q: How do you turn on laser lights on club penguin?
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How do you turn on the laser lights in club penguin?

before you place it you press the arrow key that goes up and you get to choose your color it depends on how many times you press it though

How do you turn on your laser light on at my igloo'' club penguin?

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How do you fix the lights in club penguin?

if this is for the mission, go to the boiler room and open the power box then make all the red lights turn green

How do you turn club penguin maney to real money?

You can not turn club penguin coins into real money.

How does your penguin go the coulor gold on Club Penguin?

Sorry to say this but you cant turn gold on club penguin =(

Can you turn to stone in Club Penguin?


On Club Penguin what puffle goes on fire?

On Club penguin the black puffles turn on fire.

How do you turn into a giant penguin on Club Penguin?

Wes cause he is fat

How do you turn on the oven in Club Penguin in your room?

I think you can not turn it on....

How do you get into security termal 4 in club penguin opperation blackout?

go to the panel then solve the puzzle then u will get a laser vest waly onto the platform with the laser vest on and wait for the lasers to turn green then walk through the door

How do you turn huge on Club Penguin?

If you want to be huge on club penguin you will have to hack and if you hack they there is a risk of being banned forever otherwords you will have to use club penguin storm

How do you turn on the machine in the wilderness on club penguin?

on clubpenguin how do you turn on the machine?