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You can not trade your Pok_mon from SoulSilver to your Pok_mon Black 2 game you can only transfer them. You transfer the Pok_mon by going into the building with a hiker near by on route 15. Talk to the scientist and you can then transfer your Pok_mon.

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Q: How do you trade your Pokemon from SoulSilver on to your Pokemon Black 2 game?
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Can you trade Pokemon from black to soul silver after you beat the game?

You can only trade Pokemon from Soulsilver to Black. You can only trade back if it is one of the 4 previous generations.

How do you battle with Pokemon Black and Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cannot battle between a Pokemon Black game and a Pokemon Soulsilver game.

Can you trade pokemons form black to SoulSilver?

No because in black it features Pokemon which were not discovered in soulsilver so the pokedex and game wouldn't be able to tell what Pokemon it was or if it was real. hope that was helpful! :-)

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon black to diamond?

No you can't trade with black to diamond but you can trade from diamond to black using the poketransfer lab. (you will have to have beaten the game before you can use the poketransfer lab). Hope I helped this is luke127 signing off.

How do you trade from pokemon soulsilver to pokemon black?

beat the game go to nimbasa cross the mavolous bridge and there is a building on pg 24 of the book that came with your game it will tell you how to do it

How do you get Dialga on Pokemon HeartGold soulsilver?

You cant, you have to trade him from a Pokemon Diamond game.

Trade Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

yes if it a ds game

How do you catch a Tapinch in Pokemon Soulsilver?

Trade from a different game

Where is aerial ace in Pokemon black?

I'm not sure exactly where the TM is, but if you have another game such as HeartGold, SoulSilver, Pearl, Dimond, or Platinum with the TM, you can make a pokemon hold it and trade it to your Black.

How do you bring Celebi from Pokemon soulsilver to Pokemon?

Probably by trade......I guess it depends what Pokemon game...

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon soulsilver to Pokemon White?

No, you cannot trade Pokemon from White version to SoulSilver. You can never trade Pokemon from newer versions to older versions as they are not capable of comprehending what those new Pokemon are. The reverse trade will probably be possible, however.

How do you get a Celebi in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you probably need to trade it from another game