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On the bottom of the screen, it says use item. Click on the ball you want to use and press use item.

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Q: How do you throw a poke ball on Pokemon Vortex?
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How do you gate a Pokemon?

just weaken the pokemon & throw a poke ball

What poke ball is the best?

Masterball, it catches any Pokemon you throw it at, no matter what!

Where do you find bagon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

First you find it and then throw a poke ball at it. (Preferably an ultra ball).

Do you use a and b to catch Pokemon?

No, that's a myth. Just throw a Poke Ball and hope you catch the Pokemon.

How do you catch Pokémon on Pokémon vortex?

To Catch A Pokemon In Pokemon Vortex Go In Any Map Search A Pokemon Battle With It, Scroll Down You Will See Potion, Max Heal, Poke ball, Master ball etc. Low The Hp And Use The Pokeball, Greatball, Ultraball or Masterball!

How do you catch in Pokemon emerald?

omg you don't know?! Just get poke balls and flip to the poke ball bag slot and press a on it then it will say use or throw to throw the poke ball but it may escape so you have to attack the Pokemon to make it easier to catch but don't make it faint to 0 hp.

How do you get other Pokemon on Pokemon flamez?

what you do is by some poke balls, great balls or ultra balls then go in a grassy area and walk around till a Pokemon apres then weken it a little and throw the poke ball or what ever tipe of ball u have.

How do you catch a Pokemon on Pokemon Sapphire?

To catch a Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire you must buy a poke ball or another type of ball. when you confront the Pokemon make sure the pokemons defence speed attack and hp ( hit points ) are low. when you throw the poke ball it must shake three times if it does you caught it. if you confront a Pokemon like Abra you must throw your poke ball at once or use a technique such as hypnosis or mean look that will prevent it from escaping or it will teleport and some other Pokemon will flee. if you confront groudon or any of the other Pokemon in Pokemon ruby sapphire or emerald you must have a powerful ball such as a premier ball timer ball or master ball (this information is only for Pokemon emerald sapphire and ruby)

How do you get on Pokemon?

To catch a pokemon, you require a Poke ball, which you can buy from a poke mart.

How do you catch Cresselia on Pokemon platinum?

Lower its HP until it's at the Red marker. Find it again, then put it to sleep with a fast Pokemon. (Suggest darkrai) Get a variety of poke balls and throw them at the Pokemon to try and catch it. If you have used poke balls a lot of turns then throw a TIMER BALL.

Pokemon firered code catch other peoples Pokemon?

not only can you not capture other peoples Pokemon, you will throw away a poke ball for nothing!you can only trade for other peoples Pokemon

How do you get Snorlax in Pokemon Yellow?

Haven't you seen a big fat pokemon sleeping? That's a Snorlax. Take your Poke Flute, wake it up and it will battle you. Use 2 or 3 attacks to weaken it first, then throw the poke ball. If you catch it, well done and you can stop reading this now. Easy. Carry on reading if Snorlax burst out of the poke ball. WHAT DO DO IF SNORLAX BURST OUT OF THE POKE BALL: Get out a weak pokemon out that knows Tackle. Tackle the Snorlax. Now it should be weak enough for you to catch and add to the team! Throw a poke ball. You should catch it. WARNING: If you throw a poke ball before you weaken it or attack it, it will miss. Keep doing this and you'll waste your poke balls. But if you don't care about that, I should tell you that if you keep doing this non-stop, and you have more than 10 poke balls you will catch it at full health after a while. Good luck catching a rare Snorlax!