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There's a picture of a garbage can, click and drag the fish there

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Q: How do you throw a dead fish away in Fish Tycoon?
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Do you let your dead fish get eaten?

yuck! just throw away that fish unless you want it to be eaten. feed it to a cat or dog.

Can you throw a dead pet away?


If you put a fish in the little box by the sell fish button in fish tycoon will it ever die because my fish had zero health and I put it in there and it hasn't died yet?

no it wont but u cant put a dead fish in

What is the meaning of dead fish on beach?

If there are heaps of small dead fish on a beach it usually means a prawn boat has been trawling in the area and the dead fish are the "bycatch" that get thrown away as either unsaleable or useless..

What is a proper way to get rid of a dead Betta fish?

You could just flush it down the toilet or throw it away. But I think the proper way to get rid of a dead fish is to give it a funeral. When mine died, I made a little paper box and buried my betta in my garden. Then I put a rock on top. Not only is it nice and sentimental, it's good for your garden. Plus you can visit your fish. Poor Bubbles.......:(

You found a duck egg and am trying to hatch it but it really stinks?

Your duck egg is dead. Throw it away.

What to do if your brother likes a dead mouse?

Me, Personally, i would throw away the mouse and get him a new one..!! :DD

The plants on plant tycoon are dead what do you do?

Right next to the box that says how much money there is there should be a trash can. Click on the dead plant and then click on the trash can. It will ask if you want to delete the plant and click yes. Then your dead plant is thrown away.

How do you help a fish that is about to be dead?

Put it in water as fast as you can. ..seriously? throw the fish off of a wall and put it out its misery, i mean come on who asks ridiculious questions like that?

What do you do if your African dwarf frog is laying on its back?

If it remains like that and does not move for some considerable time I would assume it is dead and throw it away or bury it or do whatever you want to do with a dead frog.

Singapore can provide a different kind of therapy in which your feet are 'eaten' by what?

fish - they eat all the dead skin away

When was Dead Fish created?

Dead Fish was created in 2005.